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Hello and welcome to WorldJam, a community of musicians and singers who live to perform online with each person in sync, especially during this exceptional pandemic and lock-down situation which has prevented so many musicians from doing what they love to do.

Currently every two weekends out of three, the WorldJam Events Team host a WorldJam Night. The event is streamed live to the world and is up to 2½ hours of great music, performed by musicians who are sometimes a world apart from each other. Each show we have a different set of 2 presenters who introduce the acts, talk to them about where they are based, they reasons for choosing the songs they are performing and lots of fun and laughter.

On the members section of this website, registered members can suggest songs for each upcoming event and assign themselves as musicians or singers to each song. They can coordinate rehearsals using the in-built messaging system and indicate to show organisers that their song is ready to be performed.

The events are performed on a platform called Jamulus. Full instructions how to install Jamulus can be found in our FAQ / Technical section, as well as instructions on how to participate and perform in the WorldJam Night.

Welcome to the Jamily!

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