About Us

Our vision is a world where musicians effortlessly enjoy singing and playing online with other musicians, regardless of external restrictions or incentives. Therefore, the mission of this community is to help people sing and play music online, and our main objectives are to:

  • help people jam
  • help people perform
  • encourage and facilitate other people in setting up their own events
  • spread the gospel of online singing and playing music

Our core values in this community are DIVERSITY, INCLUSION and TRANSPARENCY. This means that we actively welcome (and strive to make feel welcome) ANY person who wishes to sing and/or play music online and who wants be part of this community. We do this regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, cultural background, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, geographical location, level of tech competency, level of musical formation or experience, or other ideologies and abilities. We also strive to be transparent with what we do, why we do it and how we do it, with all the members of our community. Decisions and actions taken should be well founded and explained by any of the members of the management team.

  • We aim at including members from all over the WORLD
  • We want to help people find and arrange the JAM events they desire
  • We use JAMULUS as one of the tools to achieve this

The various events arranged by the management team will typically include “WORLD JAM” in the name, as this has more and more become an established brand name. And we will use the World Jam logo and derivatives thereof for the Facebook group and events arranged by the management team. If you have an event that you would like to organise and would like it under the World Jam brand, please do contact one of the group admin so they can discuss with the team and this is likely to be ok, but we need to be aware of it.

We are grateful for all the teams time and efforts during the week and during the World Jam events. It’s a lot of time! We hope you will appreciate this change and continue to support this growing community.


Current Core Exec / Admin
Simon Tomlinson, Samantha Tomlinson, Laura Mardones, John Punshon, Astrid Mert Diederen, Simon “Houbsta” White, Andreas Hoppe, Mark Kozu, Chris Rimple.

Initial management team
Admin: Simon Tomlinson, Samantha Tomlinson, Laura Mardones, John Punshon, Astrid Mert Diederen

Volunteers: Jez Druce, Cathy Mathews, Roger Niesten, Jeroen Klomp, Richard Williams, Kath de la Harpe, John Wright, Emily van Orsouw, Cedric Dos Santos, Sarah Anstey.