FAQs & Technical Articles

This page has loads of useful information on how to setup Jamulus, how to use this website, how to participate in the world jam nights.

  • How to join a World Jam Night event
    Are you one of those awesome people who has seen the World Night Jam and thought: “Hey, I wanna do that!” Well, here’s how: Install Jamulus and learn how to connect to public servers and central servers. Register an account on worldjam.vip and set up your Instrument profile (detailed instructions coming soon).  To nominate a … Read more
  • How to use/install Jamulus
    So you want to Jam online with all the cool kids? Here is some information about whether you have the right gear and how to go about it. Right Gear? PC/LaptopAt the minimum you need a laptop or PC (either Windows 10, MacBook/iMac or Linux). MicrophoneThe laptop needs must have an onboard microphone or a … Read more
  • Performing on World Jam Nights
    Every week, this facebook group hosts a world jam night which allows performers a chance to participate in a live online jam with others from across the world which is streamed live to over 1800 people (currently and counting) plus more when it is shared on people’s facebook pages.We run this night in a set … Read more