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  • Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
    I fire up the computer, switch on the Roland drum kit, put on the headphones…and enter the world of Jamulus. A world that exists through the internet, with disembodied voices from around the planet. A world where, for a while, music is the answer to all problems. A crucible[1] where friendships are forged without a … Continue reading
  • From zero to WorldJam
    Erika Rodin, 2020 March 14, 2020. A notice from the choir’s website pops up on my mobile. Due to prevailing circumstances, the next two rehearsals are canceled and everyone is expected to practice choreography and singing at home. March 24, 2020. Another message from the choir’s website. All rehearsals up to and including April 14th … Continue reading
  • Merchandise Shop Open!
    For those of you who missed the announcement at this week’s GG session we now have our own merchandise shop! Have you ever fancied wearing a WJN T-shirt whilst sipping coffee from your very own WJN Mug picked up from your WJN Coaster, whilst enjoying the smooth glide of a WJN Mouse Mat whilst uploading … Continue reading
  • My genesis of Jamulus
    By Piers Hogg, Until lockdown happened in the UK, I did quite a lot of music. Most weeks I had a couple of rehearsals with different bands, played at a couple of jams or open-mics and even had an occasional gig. Then lockdown kicked in and there was ……   NOTHING. Suddenly my life had a … Continue reading
  • The Jamily
    by Peter West How strange this disparate group of musicians; to build friendship and trust through disembodied voices and small moving pictures. Within six months, musicians from around the world have travelled through the internet into the unknown, like Alice sliding into Wonderland, and have created a family-like bond, destined to remain embedded in their … Continue reading